Podcast Episodes

Life In Focus

with Sandy Grigsby


Life in Focus 013: Laura Mitchell from Prison to Success




In this episode, I interview Laura Mitchell, a woman with an incredible life story. We talk about how she overcame the death of her first child, being in prison, divorce and breast cancer by making herself the promise of never being shackled again and reinventing her life....

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Life in Focus 007: Dr. Freddy Behin Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


In this episode, we will be talking about Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Dr. Freddy Behin, the author of Living Impossible Dreams which is a 7-Step Blueprint to help you break free from limiting beliefs that have chained you down, so you can achieving greatness in...

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Brand New You!

During this podcast I discuss everything around branding yourself online. PLUS I interview entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges, fears, doubts, and worries they face and SQUASH them!

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