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I'm Sandy Grigsby,

A Confidence Catalyst, Personal Brand Photographer, Speaker, Educator, Author and Philanthropist.

My work revolves around showing people how beautiful, radiant and powerful they really are, I personally challenge those who say they aren't.

Believe it or not, I was the teen no one asked to prom, I was never picked for teams or part of any cliques.

I allowed people to take advantage of me and hurt me all because I had low self worth. I became a Jack of all Trades just so I could fit in...

Now my mission is to build confidence and self worth in others to show them the true power they hold within.

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Confident + Radiant + You

Confidence Course

Confidence is mindset, action and practice. Everyone can be confident if they have the right tools!


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"To find a person like Sandy who has such a gift at seeing and capturing your soul along with all the other wonderful aspects of who you are as a woman... A must for anyone seeking to authentically influence."

Carrie Moore
Entrepreneur, Thought Leader

"It was a completely empowering experience that began the moment I spoke to Sandy on the phone. She is so kind and fun. Her true gift is the ability to bring out a person's inner light and make it shine!"

Jennifer Kern
Administrative Executor

"When I talked to her on the phone she told me to take care of me, and I took that to heart. I went to the gym, lost 16 pounds, cut my hair... but I needed that encouragement and Sandy gave me that."

Joani DiCampli

"Sandy's a brand empowerment specialist which is a fancy way of saying she brings out the best of you that's on the inside to the forefront. If you are looking to make the best first impression possible in 2018, give Sandy a call. You and your brand will thank you for it!"

John Lim
Podcaster, Public Speaker

"Needless to say, the experience working with Sandy was absolutely phenomenal. She was professional, friendly, fun, and easy to communicate with. I definitely will refer her to others."

Sierra Chen
Business Owner












Looking for a Speaker?

If Confidence, Self-WorthOnline Image, Personal Branding, or Entrepreneurship are part of your next event, panel, podcast, or webcast then you've found your next speaker!

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Personal Brand Photography

Are you ready to brand yourself as an expert? Do you want see yourself as the strong confident powerhouse you really are?

Book a Personal Brand Portrait Session with me and my team at Brio Five today!



Launching March 16, 2018 is 'Life in Focus with Sandy Grigsby' a podcast focusing on the challenges and successes of entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, creative artists, life coaches and industry experts.

Sometimes you get clarity when you discover how another has managed to get their 'life in focus'...

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Free Book

As a kid I never felt like I fit in. I was awkward, had braces before anyone else, didn't have a set group of friends, I was embarrassed by my parents because I thought that was the 'cool thing' to do, I was shy because I didn't want to be judged or made fun of. I withheld my glow to conform to what I though my peers thought I should be. I felt like a stranger in my own life...

My experiences as a child motivated me to write 'I Am Who I Am' an ebook created to teach children that it's ok to be themselves! Unique, complicated, different, free. Featuring my own illustrations of universal emojis, this book with teach your kids to be confident in who they are. Enjoy!

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Sandy's Cookbook

I often cook for my clients, who in turn always ask for the recipe, so I created a website featuring all of my favorite recipes.

My cookbook even includes vegan and gluten free alternative options!

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