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Life in Focus 015: Grace In The Public Eye

Aug 06, 2019


In this episode I interview Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth, Australia from 2007 to 2018. Lisa was also a nominee for the 2012 World Mayor Award and is an incredible mentor, thought leader, and influencer. She works with LEAP Foundation to advance the lives of youth from all over the world.
In our conversation, Lisa discusses how she began her journey in hospitality business, at a time where the role of a woman was mostly limited to that of a housewife, then she spills the beans on the decisions she made that lead her to be the first female mayor of Perth. 
Overcoming fear of failure and embarrassment was elemental for creating the person she is now, and she openly admits that she rejected the chance of running for mayor twice due to her own fears and doubts. However, she managed to get over them and was eventually re-elected as Lord Mayor for a third term.
I ask Lisa some serious questions about how she dealt so gracefully with criticism, mistakes made, and public opinion in the social media era. Lisa gives some powerful insights on how it is to be in the public eye, the importance of confidence, owning who you are, learning to say no, and not attempting to please everyone.
You can follow Lisa Scaffidi on Twitter and on Instagram. You can also check out @LEAP to learn more about her rola as an advisor at LEAP Foundation.

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