Life in Focus 026: Confidence on Demand



Did you know confidence is learned and you can actually practice it?

No one is born with it, it's built every day. Yes, there might be people who had it earlier on due to a parenting style or other factors, and that's why they come across as naturally confident. However, the truth is everyone can learn and practice to be more self confident and call on it when they need it.

In this episode of Life In Focus I'm going to give you all of the tools you need to build your confidence. I talk about the importance of repetition to develop any skill, how your posture affects your confidence, and even how wardrobe can make a difference. 

I also discuss the power of positive self talk as internal communication can have a huge impact on your confidence. Lastly, do you know what you really need to boost your confidence? Don't miss this awesome and informative episode!


Some Questions I ask:
Can confidence be learned?
Does negative self talk affect your confidence?
What is the difference between anxiety and excitement?
How does posture affect your confidence and self esteem?
What is a super hero pose?
What is an open posture?
What clothes can make you feel confident?
Can an outfit help you look more confident?
How to build confidence?
Who to mimic when learning confidence?
How to practice being confident?
Do we need a personal cheerleader?

In this episode you will learn:
Things to boost your confidence and how repetition affects confidence (1:05)
How to know your strengths (3:40)
Negative self talk and confidence (4:30)
Change the meaning of anxiety (5:20)
Posture and confidence (6:30)
Your wardrobe and confidence (9:30)
Do your research for maximum confidence(12:10)
How to gain confidence (13:30)
Tips to being confident (17:00)
Who is your personal cheerleader? (19:20)

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