Life in Focus 018: Creating Your Personal Brand Look and Feel with a Mood Board


Last week I was part of The Winning Edge, the first African Entrepreneur Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa. There I talked about confidence, personal branding, and how to create a unique look for your personal brand. That’s when it hit me, I hadn’t even covered mood boards in my podcast!

In this episode I tell you how to create a Mood Board; the ultimate tool to start defining how your brand is going to look and feel.

Most of the time my clients have a visual style defined by someone else, their graphic designer, or even expectations on how they think they should look, or what others think. They are often disappointed because that's not them!

By doing a mood board you can redefine who you are authentically, develop a useful brand look and feel for your designer and photographer, and have a guide to recreate your wardrobe and personal style.

I go in depth on how and why to use Pinterest to create the perfect mood board and what to do when you’re done.

Here is what my first Pinterest board looked like when I began my personal brand.

Here is how the final mood board turned out.


This is the end result of what my brand photos looked like after my mood board was complete.

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