Life in Focus 027: Dr. Maya Warren on Creating Happiness


Dr. Maya Warren is living proof that science can be fun and rewarding! Maya is the most famous Ice Cream Scientist in the world, she specializes in frozen aerated dessert and creates the coolest flavors for the Cold Stone Creamery.

In this episode, Maya tells us how changed directions as a senior in college to end up as an ice cream scientist, then how she made the impossible happen by becoming the underdog winning duo of the CBS hit show the Amazing Race.

Dr. Warren isn't just a nerdy PhD., she's also a committed athlete, and connoisseur of happiness, always finding the joy and beauty in even the most difficult of moments. 


What you will learn

Why Dr. Maya Warren became interested in food science (2:00)

Why half melted ice cream tastes better (6:00)

The relationship between chemistry and flavors (12:00)

How Dr. Maya Warren dealt with graduating and her career during a recession (14:00)

Why Dr. Maya Warren decided to study ice cream (14:30)

The difference between culinary chefs and food scientist  (15:30)

How to apply for the amazing race (17:30)

How Dr. Maya Warren convinced her friend to join her on the Amazing Race (19:00)

The challenges of getting onto the Amazing Race (24:00)

How to win the Amazing Race (26:30)

How Dr. Maya Warren dealt with mistakes and failure (27:30)

How over confidence can make you fail (30:00)

What happened after Amazing Race (35:00)

How Dr. Maya Warren manages feeling down (38:00)

Is it better to work isolated or in teams? (40:30)

What is Dr. Maya Warren working on next (42:00)

Dr. Maya Warren's favorite ice cream flavors and exotic ice creams (45:00)

Things that stress Dr. Maya Warren the most (47:30)

Dr. Maya Warren Mentor (49:30)

How Dr. Maya Warren improved her personal brand on social media (52:00)



Questions I ask

How Dr. Maya Warren become interested in food chemistry?

What health benefits does ice cream have?

What is the difference between custard and ice cream?

Does spending thousands of hours on a skill give you the confidence to do it?

Did Dr. Maya Warren doubt herself while running the wrong way during the Amazing Race?

What mental mistakes did other teams make?

What are some of the most empowering things Dr. Maya Warren learned from Amy?

If Dr. Maya Warren could only have one flavor of ice cream what would it be?


Links for Dr. Maya Warren:

Instagram @maya.warren 


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