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Life in Focus 025: Dr. Bill Dorfman - Persistence and Practice Makes Permanent

Oct 15, 2019



After this episode, you will never again be afraid of going to the dentist.

In my interview with Dr. Bill Dorfman, best know for his starring role in the ABC hit series, Extreme Makeover,  and Emmy Winning daytime CBS talk show The Doctors. Dr. Dorfman is a celebrity cosmetic dentist, author, creator of ZOOM whitening, and the founder of LEAP Foundation.

Having a beautiful smile is not only a matter of vanity, it relates more to health, confidence, and self worth. When someone's teeth are in poor condition they are very self aware, lack confidence, and more often than not are in pain.

Dr. Bill is a living example of tenacity. He tells us how he went against all odds to get his first job to, landed a hit television show with zero acting experience, and how he became a mentor to students all over the world through LEAP Foundation. One thing Dr. Bill has mastered is the ability of persistence.

For him, the most rewarding thing is life is making people's lives better, and that's why he keeps up his practice even after his dental company, Discus Dental, Inc., sold for over a billion dollars making him a multi millionaire! 

Some Questions I Ask:

What made Dr. Bill Dorfman decide become a dentist?

How did Dr. Bill Dorfman begin to work with celebrities?

How did Dr. Bill Dorfman get cast on the ABC hit series, Extreme Makeover show?

After the show Dr. Bill Dorfman had an uptake in his business, how did he handle that?

Was there a point in his life when he felt as if he was lacking confidence?

What are the two Guinness World Records Dr. Bill Dorfman holds?

Why is having a healthy, beautiful smile important?

What makes a beautiful smile?

What is the most common dental cosmetic issue?

How long is the process for getting veneers?

Who is Dr. Bill Dorfman's mentor?

How soon should somebody start doing public relations (PR) for their brand?

What is the one thing Dr. Bill Dorfman is most proud of in his life?


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Dr. Bill Dorfman landed his first job in Switzerland and how it impacted his life and career (3:00)

How he took advantage of his network and became the primary dentist to celebrities (5:30)

How he got to be the only dentist on ABC's, Extreme Makeover and take that as an opportunity to grow the dentistry business for everyone in the industry (6:15)

Where does his confidence come from (12:15)

How to manage failure and continue to try in order to achieve success (13:00)

How to create opportunities instead of waiting for them (17:15)

What to do when you realize you're not good at something (18:30)

Dr. Bill Dorfman's workout routine (24:20)

Non surgical solutions to a gummy smile (29:30)

Dr. Bill Dorfman's recommendations to being more confident? (32:50)


Connect with Dr. Bill Dorfman:





Dental Website

Leap Foundation



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