Life in Focus 029: Fred Joyal on Breaking Past Failures to Become Remarkable



If you want to know anything about seizing opportunities and being a bold entrepreneur, just ask Fred Joyal.

In this episode I interview Fred and ask him everything about how he made his success and failed with 1-800-DENTIST. From the concept origin, the ups and downs of the company ownership, to the public figure he is now as a consolidated businessman, author and speaker, Fred dishes everything!

As is the creator of 1-800-DENTIST, a simple yet revolutionary idea that began in the early 80's, Fred's business served so many patients and doctors that it became a multi million dollar company. Not only was it successful in revenue, but on building a true workplace culture that changed the entire business model and success level.

Okay, you might be thinking that's great but we don't make calls anymore... rather we go online to find what we need, so how is Fred's story of a phone number based business going to help me? That's exactly why Fred's story is worth listening to. First, he is focused on the human part of customer service and understands people still wants to talk to someone while making stressful decisions, such as picking on a new dentist. Secondly, technology absolutely thwarted his business, he had an incredible run for 30 years but failed to shift quickly enough when the tech wave hit. Thirdly, despite the failure of his business he took everything he learned from decades of advertising in one specific niche and built a powerful personal brand that has catapulted his success as a speaker and author.

Fred reinvented himself to stay on top of the trends. From his experience in advertising, he stayed at the peak of the market in a business that changes so rapidly. He gives all his lessons learned and teaches the most important thing: How to protect your personal brand and be remarkable no matter your failures. Don't miss this thought provoking and brand altering episode! 

What will you learn

How does the advertising world work.

How Fred Joyal began 1-800-DENTIST.

How the internet and Google destroyed 1-800-DENTIST. 

The importance of culture in the workplace and how it can make or break your business.

How writing a book on your expertise can lead you to success.

How to protect your personal brand.

How to start writing your first book.

How to face your fears and be bold. 


Some questions I ask

How did the 1-800-DENTIST idea start? (2:00)

What made 1-800-DENTIST out stand from the competition? (4:00)

What would Fred Joyal have done differently in your business to avoid failure? (12:00)

What scared Fred Joyal the most in his business. (16:00)

What was the first step to building Fred Joyal's brand (23:30)

How can entrepreneurs market themselves? (31:00)

Who are the people Fred Joyal looked up to in his life? (34:00)

What’s next for Fred Joyal? (36:00)

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to Fred Joyal? 

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