Life in Focus 012: Get to Know Sandy Grigsby, Interview with Ken Rutkowski




In this episode, the creator of the first podcast, Ken Rutkowski, is going to be interviewing me in his Los Angeles studio, which is much nicer than being stuffed in my closet!

Since I started this podcast, a lot of people have been telling me that I talk about other people's greatest strengths and fears but they only know little about me. Well, thanks to Ken I spill it all in this episode!

It will cover how and why I started this podcast, which was mentioned in my previous podcast episode with John Lim who also inspired me. We'll also be talking about why I never feared turning forty, although, admittedly I dreaded it at first but overcame it quickly because there are just so many things to be thankful for the you turn 40.

We also discuss how to be radiant and receive, saying no and not giving yourself all away.

Ken Rutkowski has interviewed over 20,000 people since 1992 and has been profiled in dozens of publications worldwide, like the The Wall Street Journal, as a thought leader, networker and influencer. He's also the Co-Founder of the number one business radio talk show in America, "Business Rockstars", that has over 185 radio stations nationwide and reaching 3.5 Million daily listeners.  

Listen to the full podcast episode as Ken Rutkowski digs deep to understand why I do what I do. He asks some tough questions to really find out how, why, and what makes me tick.

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