Life in Focus 022: The Secret to Photo Session Perfect Eyes

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019


The one thing I nitpick the most over during a photo session are eyelashes! Crazy right? Your eyes are the windows to your soul and having incredible lashes are the gorgeous window treatments to those view finders!

When a client tells me she’d rather skip the falsies I insist she put them on or I won’t budge my camera. If she arrives with spectacular eyelashes already in place I’m thrilled and pour on even more! Yes, editing is a great tool but nothing compares to the radiant look of someone with full lush lashes. Not only are they the fastest way to looking incredible, they quickly make you feel incredible, sexy, striking, and youthful.

In this episode Mary Harcourt, eyelash expert, give us all the basics and best tips and tricks for fabulous eyelashes. She dives into knowing if falsies or real ones are right for you, how to care for them, what to avoid, and much more.

But why so much fuss about eyelashes? Well just think about this: eyes are the window to the soul, so you want them to look amazing and make you look like your best self. In a photo where you are far away they make your eyes look bigger, if lashes are lush you need little to no makeup, and not to mention they just make you feel beautiful instantly!

Now let’s get down to it, you won't just let anybody do this important part of your face. Mary gives us the dirt on finding the right eyelash specialist so you can avoid unpleasant results!

So do all woman need to put on eyelashes? No! There are lots of options for all ages and lifestyles and Mary fills us in on all the details, so make sure to identify the best lashes for you!

You can follow her work on Instagram @lilac.and.lemon  and visit the Lilac and Lemon website information.

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