Life in Focus 007: Dr. Freddy Behin Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


In this episode, we will be talking about Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Dr. Freddy Behin, the author of Living Impossible Dreams which is a 7-Step Blueprint to help you break free from limiting beliefs that have chained you down, so you can achieving greatness in all areas of your life. He explains and tell us further why we have limiting beliefs and how it is keeping us from our big dreams. He also shares with us his journey of how he became a world class athlete and gymnast.

Dr. Freddy Behin is a medical doctor, world-class gymnast, software developer, successful entrepreneur, speaker, best selling author, philanthropist, and Success and Peak Performance coach. He has done it all and through his exciting life story, he gives us his take on overcoming limiting beliefs and owning your power.

Stay in touch with Freddy by visiting his website: or you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin.

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