How to Be Confident Dressing Yourself

The BEST way to be confident when dressing yourself is to dress in a way that you instinctually LOVE! You might have no idea how to do this right now but I promise you it is SO simple.

To begin: Create a mood board of fashion styles and things you love, once you do that use your board as a guide to shop and style yourself from.

👉 Don't just put things on your board that are trending or that other people have on their boards, select things that make you smile and bring you that tickle of joy in your heart when you look at them.

When you dress in a way that feels authentic and great to you – your confidence will come naturally!

Again, don't worry about trendy stuff. I have a client who created a mood board loaded with vintage nostalgia. She never realized how much she loved vintage clothing and after doing her mood board she decided to switch all of her clothing to that style. Once she did she felt so comfortable in her clothing as it truly resonated with her.

Before she only had trendy clothes, after she came across as elegant and stylized. She just fits beautifully into that nostalgic role and it shows in her confidence and lifestyle. Check out her before and after:

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