Jack of All Trades

I'm Sandy Grigsby, a confidence catalyst, branding portrait photographer, entrepreneur, author, educator, artist, graphic designer and web developer.

Those who know me call me a 'Jack of all Trades' and I'm often asked what it is that I DON'T do. I laugh at that comment because I admit I can do a lot like cook, navigate directions, sew, install hardwood floors, groom a Yorkie, the list of randoms goes on and on...

However, I'm humble enough to openly say that I can't do everything. Surfing - nope, hunting - not my bag, repair a car engine - no way, tap dance - please.

The sad truth is I became good at so much because I had very low self-worth, a lack of confidence, and I always felt like I never fit in. I tried to overcome this by learning how to do so much, being a perfectionist and constantly trying to better myself so I could fit in and be accepted. It really sucked.

Now I show others how to stop the insanity of having low self-worth. I teach people how to be confident in every aspect of their lives. Hey, if I can do it so can you!

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