Life in Focus 010: Overcoming Photo Session Procrastination



In this episode, I'm gonna talk about all of the reasons you procrastinate on doing our portrait sessions. Then,  I will give you the reasons why you should do our portrait sessions and how we can overcome that procrastination monster. You know the times when you know you have to go and have pictures taken for so many different reasons yet you stall on it, you don't make it happen, you don't book the session or you just drag it out into the way far future. Now, if this sounds like you in any way don't feel bad you are not alone. I'm telling you first hand I am so guilty of photo session procrastination.

It can be daunting, leaving plenty of room for procrastinating when getting ready to do one. Branding yourself online is important, and each day without authentic portraits is a day more than your message isn’t being delivered to your ideal audience. Here are ways to overcome the procrastination monster that might be preventing you from having your portraits taken.

Listen to the full podcast episode to learn how to put your photo session as a priority and avoiding to putting things off until later. 

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