Perfectly Imperfect Recovering Perfectionist

I've been a perfectionist my entire life. I would start things and not finish them because they weren't perfect. I wouldn't start things because it wasn't the perfect time or place. I would procrastinate on doing things because I didn't have the perfect situation or knowledge. 

I would take WAY longer to complete projects because they had to be perfect and I missed out on a bunch of other amazing things because of it. In the end I felt way behind others, it took a hit on my self worth and my dreams. 

I've now set a 90 day challenge to get shit done regardless of how perfect it is, the timing, the knowledge, or any other factor that would have stood in the way of me getting to that next level. 

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I promise many moments of imperfection, with a few perfectly imperfect moments that may or may not make you laugh. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to your comments and growth along with me!

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