Life In Focus 001: Power Strategist Tatiana Dudyez Talks Owning Your Power



Meet Tatiana Dudyez, a Power Strategist who helps women find their power at work through their femininity.

In this episode we went deep to uncover the fears, doubts, and worries she experienced while growing, then selling her multimillion dollar business. Challenges she overcame such as divorce, health issues such as past anorexia and thyroid issues, all while creating huge success that left her unfulfilled. The steps she took to find fulfillment and her amazing discovery of finding your femininity in the workplace to create more power for your life.

Learn how she faced her fears and started them sold her multimillion dollar only on Life in Focus with Sandy Grigsby.

Get in touch with her at and follow her @RadianceGroupies.

Get your life in focus with me, Sandy Grigsby.

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