Six Awesome Confidence Boosting Hacks to Learn Something New Every Day

While I was on stage teaching confidence and personal branding in Johannesburg, South Africa with Performance Expert, Jim Kwik, Jim said "You should Always Be Learning." I took his statement one step further and added Everyday – we should practice being ABLE (Always Be Learning Everyday) as a reminder for those of us who have crazy busy schedules. Not only does learning every day improve our brain function, it boosts our confidence as well!

Learning can be tough with a busy schedule so try these six confidence boosting hacks that will make learning fun:

1. Follow Content Creators - Look at the people you follow on social media. Are you learning something from them? We spend so much time online feeding our brains digital junk food, so why not feed our brains the good stuff like free educational content from awesome content creators?

2. Take a Class - Courses and workshops are everywhere online. Simply Google anything you would like to learn and you’ll find thousands of resources that will fill your brain! Don’t miss attending in person events too, it’s a wonderful way to network and connect with others while inspiring you and motivating you with fresh information.

3. Read or Listen to Books - Download audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts, you could even have your Alexa read your Kindle Books to you! Listening to books while exercising or walking your dog is the perfect way to fill your brain when you can’t hold a book. Whether you read or listen to books are an incredible way to be ABLE!

4. Interview Your Elders - Say what? Yup, whether you’re 20 or 60 find someone 10-30 years older and pick their brain. The history, experiences, and outlook elders have on life are amazing ways to learn and grow. I recently picked the brain of my 90 year old Former University Professor. The way he described his past gave me giant creative bursts when I thought about how I write and speak. Don’t overlook your elders no matter what age you are, they are wise beyond belief.

5. Play Games - One of the best kept secrets to learning are strategy and trivia games: Sudoku, Scrabble, MindTrap, Vocabology, and Jeopardy! are a few fun games that will keep your brain thinking, strategizing, learning.

6. Watch a Movie - Again, say what??? I know sounds crazy, especially since most people think movies rot your brain. However, there are a ton of films made to educate and inform. Learn something new by watching an incredible documentary, or even a docuseries such as the weekly Netflix show Explained. Or if you want to get really creative… Watch films such as The Wolf of Wall Street or The Godfather and study how the characters negotiate and strategize. When you look at a film from a different angle, other than pure entertainment, you can learn so much!

At the end of each day, ask yourself what you’ve learned, and you might just discover that your world is now a little bigger, and your confidence stronger.

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