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The Importance of a Quick Pitch

Nov 28, 2022

Being in business can be tough – you need to master how to capture the attention of potential customers immediately. It’s not easy, and it’s a skill that some entrepreneurs STILL don’t have perfected. It even took me most of my career to polish my hook, but it was totally worth it! 

Unfortunately, in this online world, people’s attention spans are dropping significantly, and the truth is, no one has the patience to read a full description of what you do. The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds, and that number is still dropping! Luckily, you can use that fact to your advantage. If someone really wants to know about your services, they’re likely to take about thirty seconds to judge it. How can you maximize those thirty seconds? That’s where the importance of a quick pitch comes in.

Having a honed quick pitch is the most underrated business skill. The best place to gather a dedicated client base is in person; while online presence is important for quantity and exposure, it doesn’t compare to the connection of meeting a potential customer in person. When you’re in that situation, you have to completely sell yourself and your services, and do so quickly! 

It’s common for employers and clients to ask about what you do. They’ll usually ask “tell me about yourself” or “tell me what you offer”, but what they really mean is: “Tell me about your services fast and thoroughly before I get bored”. As harsh as it seems, it’s the reality. Having something prepared for that reality will not only guarantee you more business, but respect and credibility added to your reputation due to your preparation. 

So, with all that said, you understand the importance of a quick pitch. Now, how do you fit everything you do and offer in thirty seconds? Bonus points – how do you do it in a fun and engaging way?

Describing Your Audience

First, you want to find your exact target audience. Describe the kind of person you want to do business with–the kind of person who will make up your brand’s client base. Start with their age, if they’re male or female, where they’re from, and what their current career is. What’s their relationship status? What’s their personal style? What do they want, need, and dream of? Now, what are they afraid of? You want to thoroughly describe this person, including all their virtues and vices, so you know how to find them.

Once you find them, you want to center your quick pitch around what they want. Remember: these are potential customers, and in turn, potential profit! Your services are supposed to cater to your audience anyway, but implementing some flattery into your quick pitch (while remaining authentic) is the cherry on top.

Intention and Individuality

When you intentionally make decisions to do something you command greater power, are more effective, and are able to do things with confidence. When you set an intention, you create a state of mind that serves your purpose in life, making both your brand and you magnetic. People can tell when a brand is aimless and it’s attractive and setting your intention is the best way to create a purposeful brand.

Your intention could be anything! Material, emotional, spiritual, financial, really–anything. Consider how you can touch the lives of others, what you would contribute, and make sure it’s attainable. 

From your intention, think about why you chose it. Consider what you’ve experienced in your life that makes your personal brand unique. What sets you apart from others who might have a similar brand to yours? Think of situations in your life that others considered to be cool, interesting, or amazing. Perhaps you had a major breakthrough... one that eventually led to you creating your product or service! Everyone is unique, and putting that individuality in your brand and quick pitch only makes it better.

Writing Your Quick Pitch

After all that, it’s time to piece your quick pitch together. Being clear about how you market and promote yourself and your services will make your personal brand stand out from the competition, and by making your purpose and expertise clear, more customers will be drawn in!

Make your quick pitch conversational, straight to the point, and uncomplicated. Don’t forget to target the audience you created earlier, and think about your pitch with your intention and unique experiences in mind. It’s great to start with what you do for your customer base and finish with how it impacts them. If you want to throw in some cool perspective or insight that’s unique to you, that’s great! Just make sure it’s on-topic and isn’t excessive.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a quick pitch is to win over a potential client in thirty seconds or less. You need to be compelling and purposeful, but also approachable, trustworthy, and enthusiastic at the same time. No matter what, keep your integrity! So many businesses sacrifice what makes them special thinking it will win them more customers when in reality, it does the opposite. The truth is, if you target everyone, you target no one, so be sure to stay true to yourself while pitching yourself. 

It can be tempting to lie or exaggerate your services or achievements in order to win someone over, but if the person falls in love with a false version of your company, it’ll inevitably result in disaster. Be upfront and intentional and I promise you’ll draw in your dream clients in no time!

 Seriously, the importance of a quick pitch is insanely underrated.

This business world is harsh, and people have no time for details they don’t think they’ll care about. You can be bothered by that reality or you can use it to your advantage… and perfecting your quick pitch is exactly the advantage you need. Once you have that down, you got it!

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