Life in Focus 014: Your Hidden Success


Do you remember that list of goals you wrote a while ago? Most likely you've already accomplished most of those goals but for some reason you just haven’t noticed them!

In this episode I talk about how our successes become lost if we don't pay enough attention to them. We end up creating an illusion that we are failing and we haven’t even reached many of our dreams and aspirations. The real truth is we might have, we just forgot about what we wanted in the first place. For example, I tell the story of a goal I set when I moved to Los Angeles, after many difficulties and challenges I hadn't even realized that I had accomplished those goals, and took where I was at in my life for granted.

Also, I talk about a few failures I had as a young entrepreneur, such as working with people who didn't appreciate my work, or not promoting myself enough, all had me ending up with total burnout. Most importantly, I'll tell you what it took for me to turn those failures into lessons and then move on to the next challenge.

You may have read in this post the story of my TEDx talk, but it's not the whole story! There's even more behind the scenes I tell about, including how I wrote an entirely new talk at the last minute.

Finally, I share some thoughts on the importance of taking inventory of our own accomplishments and pulling energy from our unique abilities; and how I grew stronger by seeing value, worth, and beauty in others through my photography work.

Get your life in focus with me, Sandy Grigsby.

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