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Life In Focus

with Sandy Grigsby


Life in Focus 024: How to Prepare for Your Photo Session


You know you need new photos but you keep pushing the photoshoot date further away because for some reason you don't feel prepared yet. And when that appointment finally comes it's all stress and getting things last minute.

Having your photo session must be an incredible experience, so...

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Life in Focus 010: Overcoming Photo Session Procrastination



In this episode, I'm gonna talk about all of the reasons you procrastinate on doing our portrait sessions. Then,  I will give you the reasons why you should do our portrait sessions and how we can overcome that procrastination monster. You know the times when you know you...

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Brand New You!

During this podcast I discuss everything around branding yourself online. PLUS I interview entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges, fears, doubts, and worries they face and SQUASH them!

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