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Life In Focus

with Sandy Grigsby


Life in Focus 014: Your Hidden Success


Do you remember that list of goals you wrote a while ago? Most likely you've already accomplished most of those goals but for some reason you just haven’t noticed them!

In this episode I talk about how our successes become lost if we don't pay enough attention to them. We end up...

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Life in Focus 011: John Lim on Moving Forward with Your Podcast, Book, and Life

author entrepreneur tedx Nov 15, 2018




In this episode, I am with John Lim who has a special place in my heart because if it weren't for John this podcast would never really happen. He pushed me to do it back in November of 2017. I was a guest on his podcast. It was actually the first podcast I was on.


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Brand New You!

During this podcast I discuss everything around branding yourself online. PLUS I interview entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges, fears, doubts, and worries they face and SQUASH them!

Get ready!