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Life In Focus

with Sandy Grigsby


Perfectly Imperfect Recovering Perfectionist

I've been a perfectionist my entire life. I would start things and not finish them because they weren't perfect. I wouldn't start things because it wasn't the perfect time or place. I would procrastinate on doing things because I didn't have the perfect situation or knowledge. 

I would take...

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How to be Your Own Champion

Today I want to talk about being your own champion.

As a mentor, confidence catalyst, and empowerment photographer, I spend my days uplifting, encouraging and supporting others. I constantly champion for them and push them to do, be, and feel better so they can move forward, create change, and...

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Jack of All Trades

I'm Sandy Grigsby, a confidence catalyst, branding portrait photographer, entrepreneur, author, educator, artist, graphic designer and web developer.

Those who know me call me a 'Jack of all Trades' and I'm often asked what it is that I DON'T do. I laugh at that comment because I admit I can do a...

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Brand New You!

During this podcast I discuss everything around branding yourself online. PLUS I interview entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges, fears, doubts, and worries they face and SQUASH them!

Get ready!